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Version 6.2.3 of GMP-ECM is now available at

Changes between ecm-6.2.2 and ecm-6.2.3:
* Fixed incompatibility with GMP 4.3.0 when testing version in configure
* SSE2 asm code for Visual C added in stage 2 NTT code
* Small improvement to x86_64 mulredc asm code, slight speedup on Core 2
* Fixed incorrect carry propagation in subquadratic REDC code which
could lead to incorrect arithmetic in rare cases
* Fixed memory leak with -v parameter when factor was found in ECM stage 1
* Fixed bug which caused only one ECM curve to be run in spite of -c
parameter if input line did not end in newline
* Assembler mulredc code enabled by default on x86_64

Happy factoring!

The GMP-ECM team
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