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Version 6.2.2 of GMP-ECM is now available at

Changes with respect to version 6.2.1:

* Updated build project files for Visual C by Brian Gladman, also adds
missing NTT_GFP_TWIDDLE_DI[FT]_BREAKOVER defines in VC parameter file
* Fixed uninitialised parameter to P-1 probability computation
* In tune.c : fixed generation of NTT_GFP_TWIDDLE_DI[FT]_BREAKOVER values,
avoid calling cputime() excessively often when timing short functions,
fixed access to uninitialised memory
* Fixed serious split infinitive in configure script (thanks Paul Leyland)
* Removed unnecessary carry propagation in x86_64 mulredc code, slight
speedup (thanks Philip McLaughlin)
* Fixed non-portable PIC code in x86_64/redc.asm
* Fixed problem with pattern matching host type names in
* Converted binary constants in spv.c and ntt_gfp.c to hexadecimal,
some assembler do not support binary constants

Many thanks to all contributors and to those who tested release candidates of 6.2.2, especially Jeff Gilchrist and Michael Tughan, who pointed out several of the bugs and portability issues that were fixed in this release.

Happy factoring!

The GMP-ECM team

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