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Default V5 migration: team leader's guide needed...

Hi all!
Actually I didn't understand (surely due to my poor english) what to do in order to merge old V4 Accounts into a new V5 account. I've created a new V5 Account (Team_Italia) with the same old pw. All of the old V4 Acc.s have the same UserID and PW (obviously). If I try to migrate to V5 specifying the old UserID and PW, Primenet answers: "Another v5 user has already linked to v4 user ID 'Team_Italia' ". So I tried this: 1. to create a V5 Acc. for each PC and then to join Team_Italia, but the only PC I can see is the one with the last version of the client (v25.7). Could someone help me?
Thanks in advance!
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