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Default Release Candidate for GMP-ECM 6.2


here is a release candidate for GMP-ECM 6.2 for your testing pleasure.

Changes with respect to the previous version (taken from the NEWS file):

Changes between ecm-6.1.3 and ecm-6.2:
* New stage 2 for P-1 and P+1, described in Montgomery and Kruppa,
Improved Stage 2 to P+-1 Factoring Algorithms,
in A. J. van der Poorten and A. Stein (Eds.), ANTS-VIII 2008,
LNCS 5011, pp. 180-195.
* Parallelization in the new P+-1 stage 2 (with --enable-openmp).
* Optimizations to the NTT code by Jason S. Papadopoulos
* Improved mulredc assembly code for Athlon64/Opteron
* Improved modular reduction in the mpzmod range
* Bugfix in P+1 stage 2 which caused incorrect initialisation if
Brent-Suyama polynomial had degree > 1 and i0 was negative (occurs
only with non-standard parameters)
* Added build project for VC++ by Brian Gladman
* File ecm.h changed from GPL to LGPL: the fact it was under GPL was an
unvoluntary mistake, which has the consequence that applications
linking with libecm for version < 6.2 should be under GPL too.

Please report build problems and bugs to

Thanks and happy factoring!
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