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Default GMP-ECM 6.1.3 released

GMP-6.1.3 is available now. This is a bugfix release.

Changes between ecm-6.1.2 and ecm-6.1.3:
  • fixed incorrect computation of memory use in stage 2, especially for
    machines that use Kronecker-Schoenhage multiplication even for large
    degrees, such as Core 2
  • fixed -B2scale option whose value hadn't been passed to the factoring
  • fixed default B2min for P-1 which could be truncated on 32 bit machines,
    causing stage 2 to take a little longer than necessary
  • fixed bug for modular multiplication modulo Fermat numbers 2^2^n+1, where
    a result of 2^2^n would be truncated to 0

The new version is available at

We would like to thank Peter-Lawrence Montgomery, Andreas Schindel and George Woltman for their bug reports.

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