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Originally Posted by chris2be8 View Post
How does varying the LIMs affect memory use? Does memory go up linearly with LIM? And how does it affect yield and speed?

Memory use rises with LIM, maybe not quite linearly but reasonably close (it might be e.g. 100-200MB overhead and linearly by LIM after that, for instance- I haven't modeled it, but that's my sense)

Memory use does not seem to change with LP size- just disk space. Yield and speed are compromised by using lim's much too small, but if we make a new queue that problem goes away by having the right siever available for every job.

It should be noted that 15e LIM =134M uses about the same memory as 14e LIM=268M, and the same is roughly true for 16e vs 15e. So, if we put jobs in the right queues with the right sievers, we may well end up using less memory overall because we've been inflating LIM choice to squeeze jobs onto 14e (higher lims generally improve yield a bit, at the expense of speed).

I'll run some tests tonight and tomorrow to get more exact memory-use numbers- my recollections and guesses may be way off!
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