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Originally Posted by 10metreh View Post
Clifford Stern's site seems to have gone.
Same here...
Quote: is still there, but everything in /~ax810 (Clifford's site), including aliquot.htm, has disappeared.
I kinda wonder, because the pages are there, but if you follow some of the links, they also give a 404. I wonder if they're upgrading/updating/replacing hardware and/or software and either left something misconfigured or something got left offline.
It gives a "The webpage cannot be found" error in IE (instead of the usual "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" for sites that are down). Is this happening for everyone else too?
If you turn off "friendly errors", it gives
Originally Posted by

Error code 404

Access denied, or file does not exist

I had just recieved an email from him Wednesday afternoon (728) and sent back a reply the next morning which included an inquiry about the 404 status. I'll let you you know when he replies.
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