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Default Birkhoff and Hall's theta function

Hi guys,
Long time no see. I've been busy doing a PhD (in combinatorial number theory), getting married and having a baby girl. (: So very little time to write. Anyway...
Birkhoff and Hall's theta function \theta(n) is defined by \theta(p^a)=(p^a-1)(p^a-p)...(p^a-p^{a-1}) for prime p, and theta is multiplicative, that is \theta(dt)=\theta(d)\theta(t) if \gcd(d,t)=1. (Sloane's A061350)
I have shown that for prime q, the largest b such that q^b dividing \theta(n) is O(\log^2(n)).
I suspect that this has already been found by someone else. So this is my "homework help." Does anyone know where I can find this?
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