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Default Doubling the cube.

Originally Posted by Chris Card


This problem has been one of the major 3 problems known since antiquity.

Its surprising that you should resurrect it here.

It was made aware to me by an excellent maths master (Christian Brother) who never restricted himself to the syllabus and I am thankful to him for giving me an all round view of maths even at that level.

Incidentally the same problem was known to the ancients and is mentioned in the Bible too but cloaked differently when the priests of Baal were asked to double the cubical altar that already existed IIRC.

Yes the Bible is not meant to be superficially read and to understand it esp. in these modern times we must pray to the Holy Spirit.

The Bible is eternally true and hence encompasses all modern theories and those to come but remember there is only ONE TRUTH. not only Science which is but a branch of a gigantic tree which coordinate in the trunk AND roots.


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