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Default Prime95 on Playstation Portable

Right now, I'm preparing to put sr5sieve(or sr2sieve) on my PSP.

The vast majority of the effort has to do with preparing the computer(windows XP) to compile PSP source code in general. Preparing the computer takes about 20 minutes of actual work, but 48-72 hours of the computer "doing it's thing." It remains to be seen how cpu intensive it is.

Because of what I've seen so far, I'm interested what open source programs in general can do on a psp. If anybody is good at compiling, or simply has a PSP that they want to put cool programs on, I'm on irc as "jasong". You can attempt to contact me anytime after 4pm February 12th(monday) UTC time.

Okay, got a little sidetracked there. My reason for posting this thread is I was wanting to know if there's anything special I need to know to compile Prime95, other than possibly typing ./configure, make, make install, and crossing my fingers. I know some of those commands are sometimes unnecessary, but I'm of the opinion that if they're unnecessary, I'm assuming(erroneously?) that entering them, as a matter of habit, is a good idea, simply to avoid frustration from assuming that they're NOT necessary, and being wrong.
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