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first of all: wombatman's compiled ecm_gpu.exe runs correct and very good on my system, very appreciatet, thank you again ;)

for some speed tests I run curves on 2^1253-1, this number has a 268 digit composite cofactor.

old GTX 760:

B1=1e6 => 682 ms / curve througput
B1=260e6 => 185 s / curve througput

new GTX 980 with old prg. compiled for CC 3.0 (and CudaRT 5.0):

B1=1e6 => 285 ms / curve througput
B1=260e6 => 69.0 s / curve throuput

new GTX 980 with wombatman's prg compiled for CC 5.2 (and CudaRT 7.0):

B1=1e6 => 260 ms / curve throuput
B1=260e6 => 68.4 s / curve througput

thus the throuput is ~2.7 times of the old GTX 760
(the old card was given with 2300 GFlops (SP), the new card with 5000 GFlops (SP),
that's only a factor of ~2.2 ...)
the old card only used ~63% of the card's TDP (>170W) and became ~ 60°C
the new card uses ~94% of the card's TDP (>165W) and becomes ~ 66°C

both cards are from Inno with the triple-slot iChill x3 cooler, I like it :D (not the x4 version ;) )

and only for the record: now I not only have 2 times the stage1 capacity (compared to stage2 capacity),
no, now I have 5 times stage1/stage2 capacity... I need a xeon with 12 threads and 256 GB RAM.... next project ;)



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