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Yep, this is the project that was in the works that helped knock off the n=333333 primes. I hadn't planned it for that reason but it was a nice side benefit of it.

Don't worry, the n=333666 primes will soon go away also.

The best way to knock off fixed-n-searches with HUGE k-values is to do small-k-value searches across a moderate range of n-values just above the fixed-n-values. The sieving is a little less efficient but the LLRing is much faster.

Editor note :-) : I never said anything about 'hating' the n=333333 primes. I should say that Jasong came up with that verbiage. They may have been somewhat of an annoyance but I think it's important to respect what the leader of an effort is after (unless they are poaching other projects). MooMoooo did a very nice job of organizing that project and they were a little unlucky not to find a huge twin prime, which was their objective. I believe the consensus on that project now is that the effort will search across a wide range of n-values with smaller k-values in the future but that is not set in stone yet.

In the mean time, PrimeGrid has somewhat of an 'annoying' effort to do a similar thing with n=666666. At least it takes ~8 times as long to find an n=666666 prime vs. an n=333333 prime so they are trickling in quite slowly right now.


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