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We had about the same discussion at SoB, and we agreed not to give up doublecheck.
Did you think about the amount of time needed to run PRP for 20 numbers? It takes quite a while, I think more then the time spent for re sieve. IMHO, we should do this well, once for all, and not running the risk to regret something later. We will have sieved 4 G in the first month, so, if SoB finishes Firstpass sieving in 8 months, we will be at 40G, at that time. Thats fine, because it is about the level at which PSPsieve alone and SoB+PSP sieve at 60G will be the same efficient (for factor throughput). So, there is no hurry. The extend of the sieving range is something for the far future, anyway. No need to bother with short term speed increases.
For the later ranges which will be done with SoB, I doubt if there is a necessity to do DC, because the SoB DC can show if there are missed factors (and eventual problems with hardware or submission).
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