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The thing suspended in the centre weighs ~900 tons. There is concern based upon examination of the cables that remain, that one or more could give way suddenly. 2 of the 3 firms asked to examine it say that there is not a safe way forward to stabilize it and continue using it. They are recommending explosively severing all of the lines at once. Dropping all of that into the dish will cause much damage to the dish.
I do not see a way this could be repaired. They dropped the ball (no pun intended) when on August 10 the first cable snapped.

I hate to engage in political opinion but the current administration was very dismissive of Puerto Rico on the occasion of Hurricane Maria in 2017.

The Radio Telescope was already neglected by the stateside authorities and then an auxiliary cable broke in August and tore a 100-foot hole in the reflector dish and damaged the dome above it.
That was the time (if science were a priority of the administration) to engage in emergency repairs. Now it is too late.

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