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Originally Posted by xilman View Post
Generic comment: I am now completely confused by all this complexity.

I don't give a fig about badges, milestones, WUs, etc. All I want to know is which queue should be used for a specific range of factorizations.

When things have settled down, could someone please produce two tables which summarizes "for GNFs-xxx to GNFS-yyy use queue foo" and "for SNFS-aaa to SNFS-bbb use queue bar"?

ATM I am interested in GNFS-180 through GNFS-190 and SNFS-260 through SNFS-280. ISTM that GNFS is of general interest between 160 and 210 digits and SNFS between 240 and 320 digits.

Curtis needs to trial all variations specifying memory requirements and allocate to Sean table?!

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