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Originally Posted by pinhodecarlos View Post
The only recommendation is to also update the memory requirements on the project, since beginning people complain about this, just take a look at the forum. 14e using more memory than 15e and 16e, or 15e more than 16e.
As our resident BOINC-people expert, what should be the max memory use for the "d" subproject, and for "e"? I can work out maximum lim's on 15e for "d" from your suggestion.

Or, should we go about it the other way, measuring RAM use for a typical new "d" job and then claim memory needs are a little higher than that?

What do the rest of you think of a cap at GNFS-185 for the new "d"? That can be run with lim's of 134M. What would a corresponding SNFS difficulty be? 275 (assuming small sextic-poly coefficients)?

If frmky doesn't reply here within a week or so, I'll PM him about this idea before I get too carried away with memory measurements/etc.
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