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As you are aware Carmichael numbers pertain to the property of composite numbers
behaving like prime numbers with regard to Fermat's theorem. They are Devaraj numbers
I.e. if N = p_1*p_2....p_r ( where p_i is prime) then

(P_1-1)*(N-1)/(p_2-1)......... (p_r-1) is an integer.
See A104016 and A104017.
a) conjecture: the least value of k, the degree to which atleast two of a Devaraj number's prime factors are
Inverses, is 2 (example 561 = 3*11*17 -here 3 and 17 are inverses (mod 5^2).

b) 5 and 11 are impossible cofactors of Devaraj numbers (including Carmichael numbers).
(to be continued)
C) let N = (2*m+1)*(10*m+1)*(16*m+1)- here m is a natural nnumber. Then N is a Carmichael number if a) for a given value of m, 2*m+1, 10*m+1 and 16*m+1 are prime and b) 80*m^2 + 53*m + 7 is exactly divisible by 20.
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