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Default Server problem


I can successfully access both (obviously) and

However, (I assume this applies to everyone) can't login to my Individual account page on Primenet - it comes back with a not available / SQL Server error.

So I thought the reporting may be offline even if the main backend operation isn't. Let's see. If I force manual communication from my Prime95, it does connect with the server, but then (more worryingly) says error 3 (not assigned to me). This exponent was indeed assigned to me and in fact within the last 24 hours which is when I finished the previous one.

Is this an example of when primenet does funny things and gets confused and reports error 3?

Please could someone do whatever is needed to restore the server to full operation.
Secondly it may be worth some work on the behaviour of the system while some elements are down if it can't handle the SQL Server being offline. (Maybe could be in a bugfix for Primenet server v5)

Did anyone else get this error 3 too?
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