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Originally Posted by retina View Post
I don't have any of the files on my system so take what I say as probably useless. But does the pt64.s file have x86-64 instructions, or AArch64 instructions? If the former then you'll have to rewrite it. If the latter then it might just be a configuration error.

ETA: Showing us the actual error messages would probably help us to understand what went wrong.
Here's a few of the errors (there are ~2 dozen, so I won't put them all):

pt64.s:7: Error: unknown mnemonic `movq' -- `movq %r11,%rax'
pt64.s:8: Error: unknown mnemonic `mulq' -- `mulq %r11'
pt64.s:9: Error: unknown mnemonic `movq' -- `movq %rdx,%r11'
pt64.s:10: Error: unknown mnemonic `mulq' -- `mulq %r8'
pt64.s:11: Error: unknown mnemonic `mulq' -- `mulq %rdi'
pt64.s:12: Error: unknown mnemonic `xorq' -- `xorq %rax,%rax'
pt64.s:13: Error: unknown mnemonic `subq' -- `subq %rdx,%r11'
I'm thinking you're right that it's x86-64 code that will need to be converted, but I'll have a look a bit later.
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