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Would that I could. This is the 64-bit assembly experimental lasieve binaries. The instructions are as follows:
follow these steps to build the binaries on a 64-bit machine.
These should build and run on Athlon64, or Core2 cpus.

NOTE for Phenom/K8 users: replace in athlon64/ls-defs.asm

and in athlon64/siever-config.h
#define L1_BITS 15
#define L1_BITS 16

This may add 5-10% speed to your sieving speed.
But try it both ways and decide for yourself. Caveat emptor!

Prerequisites: gmp.h libgmp

cd athlon64
make liblasieve.a
make liblasieveI11.a
make liblasieveI12.a
make liblasieveI13.a
make liblasieveI14.a
make liblasieveI15.a
make liblasieveI16.a
cp *.a ..
cd ..
ln -s athlon64 asm
The assembly errors come from running any of the make commands listed. liblasieve.a fails trying to compile the pt64.s assembly file.
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