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Default A Minor change on this release.

Hi All,
Iain Bethune sent me this remark :

We are wondering what will happen if we have a buggy host that generates round-off
errors, then the FFT size is increased, but it still generates round-off errors.
What will happen - will it just keep increasing the size forever, or is there some
limit after which LLR will stop trying larger FFT lengths and just stop?

To avoid such a problem which may be endless in case of a "pathologic" and unlucky pattern,
I made and test this update in Roundoff error logic :
- To avoid endless retries, AbortOnRoundoff option is forced when
testing with the next FFT length is used. Then, the default is continuing
the test with the next term in the input file. But the user can override this
behavior by setting -oStopOnAbort=1, and then, deciding manually to continue.

I just uploaded the source, Win32, Linux32 and Linux64 binaries accordingly.
Please, Reb, would you rebuild The Win64 applications from this updated source?
Thank you by advance, and Best Regards.
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