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Default LLR Version 3.8.15 released

Hi All,

I uploaded today the version 3.8.15 of the LLR program.
You can find it now on my personal site :

The 32bit Windows and Linux compressed binaries are available as usual.
The Linux 64bit binaries are also released here.
I uploaded also the complete source in a compressed file ; it may be used to
build the Mac-Intel executable and also the 64bit Windows binary.
This LLR version is linked with the Version 28.7 of George Woltman's gwnum library.
I released also a cllrd binary, which is linked with the debug version of this
gwnum library.
You can see in the Readme.text file, what is new in this release.
In fact, no much is new in this release :
- The SetupOnly option can now be used for N+1 and N-1 tests.
- To improve reliability, error checking may be forced if the program is working near the current FFT limit.
- Now, the FFT usage line remains displayed on Linux screen...
- Above all, I hope it will help to resolve the AVX problems, if any remain...
As usual, I need help to build the 32bit Mac Intel binary, and also the 64bit Mac Intel and Windows ones.
Please, inform me if you encountered any problem while using this new version.
Best Regards,
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