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Hint: I can read french, and your english translation makes things worse.
Hint: complete the program, and, for given N, tell me how many times I actually need to execute the inner loop, assuming a counterexample exists. Give me numbers with N=50.
@Laurv: The first program could work, if the braces in the original (or the begin/end pairs) had been preserved, and the code that would execute if Goldbach's conjecture were to prove false were included.
John has completely lost it with the second's hopeless and not even worth debugging.

1) I haven't said brute-force is good or's just one more tool.....we all work in terms of properties of the programs. (If you think I think brute force is bad, you have to ask why I have a high rank at TF, which is a brute-force method...)
2) I wanted you to give the original program...I promise you that what you posted wasn't it. This way we can CHECK your analysis.
3) I wanted you to analyse the original program, in terms of what would happen if, say, 50 was a counterexample to Goldbach's conjecture. How many loops would be required?
4) Talk about the program, not the people. Improve the program....get it right FIRST AND FOREMOST.
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