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The original question is:

Why Zimmerman need to compute the primelist to verify Golback
In a Brute force method like thyis(I never say thatt I use it, that it is speederr orr anything like this

Christenson answer that the Brute force method is bad but don't give a method using prime list

To prove that the brute force method is false He say me try the sample withs N=50 maxi

I understand that he want to see how many time the brute force needs to verif that all even numbers <52 can be write like a sum
I write a little code to find
I do'nt say that I use It but I compute the time

For those that think that they are better than bullshiit I add a vector with the 25 sums. Before to give lessons on Pascal open a book
Historically, Pascal comments are indicated { like this }, or (* like this *), and these can span any number of lines. Later versions of Borland Pascal also supported C++-style comments // like this, which finish at the end of the line.

You forget to give the name of your Pascal compiler that you use to try the code

You see Christenson : no code publish, no times and more simple I never Use pascal
But when I ask how many time you need no answer: just bullshit

You are speeder than me : show me .
You give the math problem:

Choose an hard problem for the computer
or a classic suject: twin search,Aliquot,factorisation
You can use all the library you want the langage you want

To give me a handicap I make a version on windows 32.


You know that my job is to make YOUR code better for the computer
without change the math

So write a code
publish it
An every one can optimize it

I take the challenge to go 2 time speeder than you only because I know well the computer
I said 2 but I thinks 5...

Before to say that I m bullshit try: I wait your code

And don't forget it's the computer which make tiime not the coder

In this version N <50 but the chrono doesn't move
I set N to 10000 to have a small time 0,050 second
But it's easy to make many more faster without bullshit

Procedure Veri_GoldBack(L:Qword);
Var I,J,W:integer;
M,N,R: Qword;
Label LN;
N:=0; // Begin with N=0
a1 := GetTickCount; //timer
N:= N+2;
If N> 50 then Break;// stop when N > 50
HH:=N-Primes[j]; // test des divisions
if odd(hh) then // speeder for mod 2 and mod 5
if not Is_Div(HH) then
Q[N-1]:= N;// the sum
Q[N]:= hh;// a prime
Goto LN;
J:=J+1;// No limit to J
until Primes[j] > N; // overflow N<0
I:=I+1; // not found
NotFound[i] :=N; //if the Goldbak is false you arrive here and can stop
until false; // infinity loop
a1 := GetTickCount-a1;
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