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Now I builded successfully Phrot (no errors or warning) but I got the following result

bash-3.2$ phrot.g5 -q 5028*10^83982+1
Phil Carmody's Phrot (0.72)
Input 5028*10^83982+1 : Actually testing 5028*1000000^13997+1 (witness=3 13998/28672 limbs)
5028*10^83982+1 is composite LLR64=0000000000000001. (e=0.00000 (0.0824785~0@0.000) t=133.91s)

On this proven prime number:

I fear that the problem is in maththypes.h

//typedef long long int64;

while in <inttypes.h>

#ifdef __64BIT__
typedef long int64;
#else /* _ILP32 */
#if defined(_LONG_LONG)
typedef signed long long int64;

If i don't comment the line

//typedef long long int64;

I got the following error:

In file included from phrot.c:57:
mathtypes.h:9: error: conflicting types for 'int64'
/usr/include/inttypes.h:622: error: previous declaration of 'int64' was here
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