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This project was launched one year ago, and has accomplished so much: Three prp discoveries, and we are closing in on testing all exponents below 5M on the two remaining sequences, plus completing sieving up to 500T. Ben and I have been doing a systematic double-check on all exponents below 1.25M because of the bugs in pfgw, but we are also launching a random double-check of the range from 1.25M to 5.01M. I have randomly picked one test to do in each range, with the constraint that it has not already been double-checked. This account for 376 tests. I also added another 16 tests that occurred at times that there were hardware errors occurring. Although these 16 tests were all reported with clean error codes, because they occurred at the same time as other errors were generated, or during times of high heat on the cores, this may give us a chance to see if there were other undetected problems. The 376 + 16 = 392 tests were divided into 4 work files of 98 tests each and sent to Engracio, Ben, Jeff, and myself. These work files should be a little shorter than the current ones because some of the tests are on numbers with small exponents. I am hoping that by December, we can get an estimate of our error rate and decide whether further error testing is needed. This double-check of the 392 tests represents about 1% of our total prp effort to date, and should give us a good idea of how likely it might be that we could have missed a prime.

Thanks everyone for your contributions to a very successful project so far!
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