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Originally Posted by roemer2201 View Post

I've bought a new computer with a Ryzen9 3900X. My old Phenom II X4 had two cores running with mprime and I want to move this assignment and progress.

So I started mprime, configured it basically (without communication to primenet server) and then I copied over worktodo.txt and the p* files. Because of the 12 Cores / 24 Threads on the new system, worktodo.txt got many more lines and one of my old work is now flagged the following:

;;MOVED;;[Worker #2]
What does this MOVED mean? Will mprime at some point in the future start to continue this factor?

It means mprime changed what worker # it is on, and is polite enough to mark it as such for you. ";" is a comment marker. Within each worker's section, it will do them in the order listed, unless they expire first.

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