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First of all, download the latest beta version of Prime95 (25.6).
Also please explain why do you want to change the priority from 1 to 10.
If 25.6 also fails on your PC, then download the latest official release (24.14) and put it into 2 different directories. In each directory set CPU affinity to different core. Run both executables choosing one of the following scenarios:
  1. small FFT test on both of them
  2. small FFT test on one and large FFT on another one
  3. small FFT test on one and blend test on another one (if you encounter an error here it would most likely be related to RAM or chipset)
  4. large FFT test on both of them (error may be related to RAM or chipset, or CPU cooling)
BTW: did you overclocked your PC? If yes, then reported errors simply mean that your machine is not "prime-stable" and you have to experiment with your settings (there is no easy answer then).
BTW2: what are your voltages (Vcore, Vram, etc.) in BIOS and under windows (especially under load) + what PSU do you have?
BTW3: what are your temperatures in idle and during stress?

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