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Default Poker cheat

I saw a clip where the (alleged) cheat is playing PLO. He is sitting with his phone on the chair between his legs. The RFID system on the table that reads that cards has not been updated correctly for PLO and is only registering two cards for each player instead of the four they have. This appears to be a temporary configuration error on the part of the casino.

So the cheat looks at his crotch, and thus at his phone. Then he moves his cards over the reader. Then looks back at his crotch. Then he spreads all the cards out over the reader again. Then looks back at his crotch. Then he waves all the cards out over the reader again. Then looks back at his crotch. But the system isn't reading those last two cards. Clearly he is trying to get the final two cards to read. He is trying to somehow get the system unstuck and read the remaining two cards. Then he would be able see all the opponents cards. But it isn't happening, and he finally gives up and plays like a normal human again for that hand. However he still knows two of the four cards his opponents have, so he still has a large advantage.

Now the question is how could he possibly know the cards aren't being read? He can't know, in theory. It is supposed to be privileged information not available to the players during the game.

That is just one hand. For the 7-card hold'em hands he makes bizarre plays that are always the correct play if you knew the opponents cards.

So he has hacked into the casino system and is able to know his opponents cards. He is streaming that info to his phone. He keeps his phone hidden from others by placing it on his chair under the table. In every hand he is constantly looking at his crotch at critical moments when the cards are dealt. And also at times when the cards missed the reader and he is waiting for the other player to finally move the cards into position over the reader so he can learn what those cards are.

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