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You can calculate what 1 Ghz-day is defined as in terms of FLOP (Floating Point operations):

Right now in the "Aggregate Computing Power" last 24 hours:
498.551 TFLOP/sec = 498,551 GFLOP/sec but it is also equal to: 249275 GHz-days.

So 1 Ghzdays is defined as 498551/249275 = 2 GFLOP/sec for 24 hours which is:

2 GFLOP/s * 86400 sec = 172,800 GFLOP = 172.8 TFLOP

So 1 Ghz-days is 172.8*1012 Floating Point operations.

But all the Ghz-days calculations are approximate, I think it is hard to determine the exact number of FLOP that LL, PRP, P-1, TF and ECM tests requires.

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