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Originally Posted by VictordeHolland View Post
There was a time Playstations could be used for Folding@home (folding proteins to understand some diseases).

The hardware of a PS4 is nothing special compared to computers:
(A/C)PU 8x jaguar (AMD) based CPU cores @1.6GHz
GPU: 1152 GNC cores (customised 7870/7850)
TMSC 28nm process

But it only costs 300 euros.
A quadcore CPU with AVX and a reasonable GPU will be miles ahead of it.
Yeah... it's the cost factor that makes such things attractive to some. Back in the day, maybe the PS2 if not the original, people were setting up racks of these things to do calculations because Sony sells the hardware at a loss, basically, assuming they'll make it up in software sales (which they generally do). You could put together an equivalent PC but it'll cost more.

I'd guess Sony was never to happy about subsidizing the HPC crowd, but that's the way it is.
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