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Originally Posted by 1997rj7 View Post
I have noticed in the past that when I submit factors that have been found (trial factoring or P-1) through the manual pages, the server always says "Insufficient information for accurate CPU credit." For trial factoring, it seem to do OK assigning credit, but for P-1 it always assumes the factor was found in Stage #1 with B1=800000, even though the result that I send has the true information. Can someone explain this?
It used to be even stranger: I had factors found by P-1 credited as though found via ECM.

Today I had an even stranger thing happen, a P-1 factor was credited as a trial factor. Here are the lines from the results.txt file:
[Tue Dec 01 13:56:58 2009]
P-1 found a factor in stage #2, B1=605000, B2=17393750.
UID: 1997rj7/compq, M51200911 has a factor: 390126913731778984073, AID: F16547D743B533B97C9EBCA541EFDDF8
and here is the result that came back from the server:
Factors found: 1
Processing result: M51200911 has a factor: 390126913731778984073, AID: F16547D743B533B97C9EBCA541EFDDF8
Insufficient information for accurate CPU credit.
For stats purposes, assuming factor was found by trial factoring using prime95.
CPU credit is 1.0510 GHz-days.
What gives?
You probably got more credit as an assumed TF result than you would have had as an assumed ECM result. :-)
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