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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
I ran a test with 1.9.6 framework. No issues. This means that either the bug has been fixed or I don't have the right conditions for reproducing it.

I cannot find 1.9.6

e:\MTSIEVE\mtsieve1957\twin>twinsieve -P10000000000 -W6 -k 6 -K 990000000 -n 50000 -b10 -fN -r -o twinb10.txt
twinsieve v1.2, a program to find factors of k*b^n+1/-1 numbers for fixed b and n and variable k
Sieve started: 1 < p < 1e10 with 890999995 terms (6 < k < 990000000, k*10^50000) (expecting 864178223 factors)
Sieve completed at p=10000000019.
Processor time: 104.38 sec. (3.52 sieving) (1.93 cores)
Fatal Error: Something is wrong. Counted terms (2331345) != expected terms (2349970)
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