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Default Queestion about twinsieve


I am experimenting a bit with twinsieve.exe.
I tried the following command: twinsieve.exe -k 1 -K 100000000 -b 2 -n 268768 -P 1e14 -W 12
After a while I got this this error message.

p=6057931104593, 53.01M p/sec, 99902590 factors found at 3.15 sec per factor, 6.1% done. ETC 2020-04-10 04:47
Fatal Error: Something is wrong. Counted terms (96257) != expected terms (97304)
Can someone please explain to me what I did wrong ? Sieving for -k 1 -K 10000000 -P 1e12 for the same base resulted in no error.

Thanks in advance.
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