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My first deg 5 effort with CADO to admax = 2e5, the result being a very high skew (and apparently incapable of improvement or scoring by cownoise) poly:

n: 3213773553731676734673029767649076184026081109505643819433123522398392216242493939130914684819990019996494667995485530318906995221039607546449005638410444687839629323036119079997039490112821634482150496640217083568211
skew: 793565000.033
c0: 296183829866616673978610883054549331035904575033571950
c1: -1803889324581136986860772969432750937688290385
c2: -2871473145762276337090828771070946326
c3: 1383027719019022289629291033
c4: -3893225332311264192
c5: 972866160
Y0: -2331785922123026514071918561866671528246462
Y1: 505059498353022512351192971
# MurphyE (Bf=3.436e+10,Bg=1.718e+10,area=8.590e+17) = 1.640e-09
# f(x) = 972866160*x^5-3893225332311264192*x^4+1383027719019022289629291033*x^3-2871473145762276337090828771070946326*x^2-1803889324581136986860772969432750937688290385*x+296183829866616673978610883054549331035904575033571950
# g(x) = 505059498353022512351192971*x-2331785922123026514071918561866671528246462
It is as VBCurtis and Gimarel predicted - searching on low values of a5 produces untenable polynomials. I’m bailing on my reserved range of admax = 3e6. Instead reserving admin = 1e9 for a range of 1e6. Will start searching with a smaller chunk of 100,000 just to see if CADO produces useful quintics.

And I will try bumping nq to 15625.

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