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Originally Posted by sinandredemptio View Post
Zuuv is an open-source program that can compute the regular continued fraction of a number from it's floating-point representation (a file containing hex or dec digits). Just like y-cruncher, it's features include:
  • Ability to crunch billions of terms in reasonable time
  • Advanced algorithms for log-linear runtime
  • Ability to utilize hard-disk to perform extremely large calculations
  • Ability to automatically save and resume partial computations
  • Multi-threading
Zuuv has been utilized to break world records for computation of regular continued fraction terms of important mathematical constants such as Pi, Euler-Mascheroni etc, all done on a regular PC (i5 9300H, 8GB RAM).

Link to repository:
Link to Windows builds (for modern processors):

Please free to ask questions and put out suggestions or constructive criticism. Or contact me personally if you are interested in running a sizeable computation.

Disclaimer: The author of this post is also the author of Zuuv, and Zuuv is not affiliated in any way with y-cruncher or A. Yee himself.

PS I am posting this because I thought more of you should know about Zuuv. In case this qualifies as spam, please inform me and I will delete this post.

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it is a real shame that Liunux is no longer supported.

What is broken with respect to Linux? Do the Windoze builds work under WINE?
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