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Default 12 machines permanently sidelined: LL was better than PRP on storage space

Unless you guys can come up with a way to limit the amount of storage PRP wants to eat up, I'm done with the GIMPS project as far as most of my machines. I have 20 machines and now 12 have been forced out.

For a long time I was running Intel Compute Sticks (1GB RAM and 8GB storage) with a stripped down version of Peppermint OS and I had many completed LL tests doing it that way. It took about 4 months...and that was fine with me.

Forcing PRP is the end of first-time testing for me...12 machines have to be taken offline permanently that can't do first-time tests.

I didn't get into this project to do double-checks exclusively.

Do you have any suggestion to limit what PRP uses to no more than 512MB of space?

LL did not use that much storage space for its temp files. It was a fraction of what PRP uses.

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