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Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
In your run directories, assuming you invoke Mlucas v19 in the recommended way, via 'nohup ./Mlucas [whatever]', do 'grep Invalid nohup.out'. If that shows 1 or more matches, edit results.txt and fill the leading blanks in the corresponding res64 fields with 0s, then save the file. The script will automatically try resubmitting the affected results on its next every-6-hour autoexec;
I just updated our PrimeNet script so it will automatically handle this without users needing to manually edit their results.txt file. Users can just download the new version over their existing copy.

Users of Loïc Le Loarer's older PrimeNet script (the one included with Mlucas v19.1) could instead make the same changes I made to our improved version: Replace the two occurrences of ar['res64'] with ar['res64'].strip().zfill(16). It will then automatically remove any blanks from the residue and add the needed leading zeros before submitting results to the PrimeNet server.
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