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Since no one else has replied. Way back in the 1990s, I maintained a collection of abstracts in the field of cryptography -- if you try really hard you might still be able to find traces of it. Ultimately, it proved to be a futile effort for several reasons. First, search engines improved to the point where it was simpler to find relevant documents by search rather than a curated list. Second, the rate of new documents was too high to maintain effective manual curation. Third, there was a competing almost overlapping abstract service. Finally, it was always difficult to decide where to draw the line in the scope of the collection.

I'm sure that OPN literature will be considerably smaller, but I imagine these problems will still exist to some degree. Particularly, the final point is likely to be relevant.

What would be more useful, but obviously harder, is a OPN review paper, where you tie the various papers together in a coherent manner. This is useful, because even if you have the abstracts for all the papers, it can be difficult at a glance to determine relevance and how they relate to each other. I do not know enough about this field to know if such a paper already exists.

I'm sorry that this likely sounds negative overall, but in my opinion there are likely better things to spend your time on.
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