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Originally Posted by R.D. Silverman View Post
It would be nice if the OP replied to some of the posts....
I think he will not. This is deliberately a "stone in the lake thrown" to see how and if the clever people here manage to take it out. As a "proof" (hehe, I like your list!) I will bring the fact that the typos are deliberate, "infinate", "amout", "meny" (repeated). These all are well underlined, and there is no way you miss them; for a non-native speaker, I immediately go to the dictionary if I don't know the spelling. I am sure I do plenty of grammar mistakes, but I try not to do typing mistakes. Sometimes one typo is cleverer than me and it escapes uncorrected, but never so many in a row, unless they are deliberate. I assume the guy is a frequent on the forum, possibly native speaker, trying to hide himself when throwing stones in the lake...
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