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Originally Posted by SandStar
We┬┤ll see what will happen :)
btw, are there any type of cpu's who do a significant better job at this project?
For example SOB and Folding@home do better with Intels while AMD's do better on others.
On this topic, I will not claim to speak authoritatively. However, it is my belief that the FSB architecture is much more significant than the CPU.
NFS Sieving does very simple operations on a very large array of memory.
Although the implementation algorithms are optimized for L2 cache size, etc. the general performance is limited by the memory system. Instruction pipelining, etc. don't really help.

Perhaps Bob S. will elaborate on his research in this area.

I do know that, unlike some other computations, NFSieving is memory intensive and really works efficiently only when the system has enough real memory to avoid swapping.

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