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Originally Posted by Zhangrc View Post
On my laptop AMD R7 4800H @4GHz, 8G*2 DDR4, and 512G NVME SSD.
Ah yes AMD - i believe you directly. "only 5% speedwin" would be little then.

cllr64.exe version 3.8.23 gwnum 29.8 looks identical in timing to latest P95 gwnum 30.6 at my
Intel Xeon e5-2699 v4 ES, 22 cores a cpu, so 44 cores in total.
Under full load runs 2.0Ghz and eats 360 watt measured at the wall (additional gpu power used not measured if you go move with mouse graphics a lot as i let it just calculate).

With watercooling of course keeps cpu cores at 50C here.

Modern processors eat easily 10-20% more power when running far above room temperature (or far under room temperature).
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