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Originally Posted by diep View Post
Also missing is the huge expertise needed to maintain equipment. A single crew of a handful of men cannot carry out all tasks needed to maintain all this tooling and machinery and equipment you need for a settlement on Mars. First of all: they lack the experience how to do it. Plumbing, building electronics, operating CNC machines, producing chemicals.
I should introduce you to some of my former coworkers.
A lot of expertise can travel in one head. One: built firearms, disposed of military ordnance, ran multiple overhead crane hoists in a coordinated fashion as a welding positioner for suspended semi trailers, was safety certified on most everything in the shop, an experienced instrument maker, got lots of questions from others and was a good person for engineers to brainstorm with and bounce ideas off, worked with hollow roller bearings with multiple microinch tolerances and thermal fits, occasionally hand polishing the mounting bores to ideal fit, ran assorted machine tools as needed and stick, MIG, TIG or spot welders, oxyacetylene & hydrogen torches, used chemicals for cleaning components for ultra high vacuum use, worked with liquid nitrogen, minor plumbing as needed, worked in clean room garb to assemble ultra-high-vacuum precision mechanisms, do bakeouts, and traveled the world doing installations and service calls of custom (unique) instrumentation. In his spare time he'd drive and maintain his dentist's Ferrari or Porsche. "Hey Ron it doesn't sound right to me but the dealer can't solve it. Take it for a week or two and see if you can find and fix it." He would commute with those beauties. I'm sure I'm forgetting some of his abilities. Probably was involved in manned-spaceflight-rated payload hardware and medical equipment prototypes, etc.
His usual coworker Tim had a long list too. And yes they did teardown and maintenance of machine tools, leak checkers, welders, etc. on occasion. Add Don the physicist who also had some chemistry background and other interests & skills, someone for electronics including power electrical (Phil), a miner/driller, and a doctor, lots of bases covered.
I think a crew like that could convert some landed spacecraft into shelter, safely, especially if it's designed for it, and comes with instructions and pre-training.

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