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Uncwilly - "1 individual doing X" isn't mainstream society yet.

Factories worldwide got used to using CNC milling machines back in the 1980s. Back in the 1940s what was there of course we can not call CNC machines by any sort of standard simply because they didn't have a CPU yet.

You'd call that dedicated production machines. So such machines would be able to produce just 1 specific part.

If we talk world war 2 here - you could argue Hitler didn't know anything about logistics let alone industry. In entire 1942 the total production of Panzer-4 tanks by Hitler-Germany was somewhere around 990.

Summer offensive 1942 Hitler's forces had only around a 140 Pz4 tanks with a 75mm barrel that could knock out a T-34 (other than captured T-34's).

In the entire Mars mission fairy tales we do see each time the returning problem of lack of insight into industry what's needed to mass produce a specific part let alone what you need to produce hundreds of thousands of different parts.

Also missing is the huge expertise needed to maintain equipment. A single crew of a handful of men cannot carry out all tasks needed to maintain all this tooling and machinery and equipment you need for a settlement on Mars. First of all: they lack the experience how to do it. Plumbing, building electronics, operating CNC machines, producing chemicals. They won't have time to do any sort of exploration on Mars - they will be so busy surviving - and die while trying to survive.

Yet in the end that exploration on Mars one cannot risk their lives in a pressure suit on the surface of Mars. So they operate the robots remote. You can do that from planet earth as well.

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