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Default RAID

Sorry to hi-jack a thread like this, but this whole topic got me into wondering...

How does one go about setting up RAID? I've always been rather terrified of the idea of the computer somehow "forgetting" that a certain disk is in an array or something like that. It's foolish, I know, but I've never bothered to look into it enough to know at which level RAID is handled.

I have a 128GB SSD for my operating system and my favourite programs. I frequently write an image of it to a 128GB partition of a 1TB drive, as my backup. The rest of that drive is whatever bits of the Users folder windows would allow me to move. I back up the contents of that to an external drive (that thing is so old thought that technically speaking my computer is probably a backup of it, lol). Finally, I have a 1TB drive for non-essential stuff, mainly games and other software I can easily re-install if a major catastrophe were to occur.

If I were ever to use a Raid Array, it would be to mirror the Games HDD, probably (save myself the hassle of reinstalling all that crap and extra read speed never hurt anyone). How does a person set that kind of thing up? Is it something that can be done sort of spur of the moment or is there a hellish process to start things off?
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