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Originally Posted by Aramis Wyler View Post
Good on you to mirror your drives. I have not ever been able to bring myself to mirror my drives, but instead stripe them for the increased speed and capacity.
My network-attached disk is a Buffalo Terastation 4-disk unit I got six years ago. I originally started with RAID 5 (parity). It had 4 500 Gb Hitachi disks (they came with the unit). I did some minor hacking courtesy of the Buffalo forums and got telnet root access to the device. It runs Linux (from uname -a). I upgraded it on the fly to 4 1 Gb WD enterprise disks. At that point there was so much space available that I reformatted and changed to RAID 10 (two stripes of two mirrors each). One of the original disks became my D: Windows backup disk.

When I replace it I think I will change to a QNAP Turbo NAS, but so far it is still working with no problems. It holds pictures and the mp3 files I make of my classical CD collection (the 9,000 CDs you see to the left in the avatar). I would like to have a unit with DLNA so I could access it from my big TV across the network.
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