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Default Disk starting to go

I have a Western Digital 600 Gb Raptor that is starting to go is one of two RAID mirrors of my OS disk. There is also a third D: that is used only by Windows Backup, which does a system image backup each morning at 2 AM. I began noticing this when the system started hanging at shutdown and startup. S.M.A.R.T. reports via Crystal Disk that the disk is in "caution" state. It has about 22,000 hours of power on time (2.5 years).

The RAID is accessible only at bootup via a CTRL-I. I accessed the RAID setup a couple of days ago to see what would happen if I took the bad disk out of the array — I got the "all data will be lost" and then it offered to rebuild the disk, which it did as the system continued to run.

A replacement disk is coming Monday and I am hoping that the rebuild onto a new disk will go smoothly, but I have the image backup and a startup DVD in case of trouble.
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