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Some statistics....

There are 297 exponents in lucas_v.txt that have had all of their results returned by the same user id.

Of the 297 mention above, 161 of those exponents have had all their results returned by the same computer id.

(So 136 of the initial 297 had all of its results returned by the same USER ID but by different COMPUTER IDS)

I feel as though the 161 returned by the same computer should be re-run. If I get some time, I will run those computer ids to make sure that none of are considered "error prone". However, there are many computers that have not had a double check on any of their exponents that it is hard to tell if a computer is error prone or not. The only safe way would to run all of these exponents again.

Brian Beesley (beejaybee): Could you please post some information as to how you are going with doublechecking these exponents. I don't want to be stepping on anyone's toes.
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