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Originally Posted by markhl
If it does not already do that, perhaps GP2 or others could review the files to look for cases where 2 matching results are returned by the same user OR the same PC, then we can manually reassign them.
Within our team I've seen this happen quite regularly, where one team member is assigned to double check an exponent that has already been tested by another team member.

I know Brian Beesley (beejaybee) currently checks for occurances of multiple tests by the same person/team and does a triple check himself.

Here is an example from the The Mersenne Database :
LUCAS_V.TXT(333610): 5893897,Team_Prime_Rib,bayanne_clv1,WX1,B89D507C4EB0870F,..
LUCAS_V.TXT(333611): 5893897,Team_Prime_Rib,garo_shanky,WX1,B89D507C4EB0870F,..
LUCAS_V.TXT(333612): 5893897,beejaybee,nessus-j,WY2,B89D507C4EB0870F,..

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