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Default Addicted to projects, need advice for new DC computer.

Because of the local laws in Arkansas, I have access to a little bit of mad money and a need to keep my bank accounts below $2000 collectively.

This "problem" just recently surfaced when I got my job a KFC. I've got a little bit of money at the moment, and if something catastropic happened $2000 isn't going to get me very far, so I prefer to keep my bank account low, around $700.

Anyway, after "social expenses" I have about $250 a month burning a hole in my pocket and would like to spend it on a Linux box that will be used just for DC.

On the 9th, I'll have about $220 to throw around and still be safe, so I was hoping I could get some advice on what to buy.

One last thing(I believe I mentioned it in the subject line):I've developed a preference for number projects, whether it's Odd Perfect Number search, factoring, twin-prime search, or whatever, so I'm hoping to get something that does well across the board.

Edit: My dad said he'd go 50/50 on a Media Center PC for my birthday, so it won't be until at least the beginning of August until I can follow any advice. Maybe, if I get a positive response, I could resurrect the thread. We'll see.
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